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Saturday - October 13, 2007
Sunday - September 02, 2007

Saturday - October 13, 2007

UGO - Top 50 Best Video Game Weapons of All Time

by Magerette, 09:49

Taking a break from reality and serious commentary, we have here at UGO a comprehensive pictorial review of every possible video game weapon known to man--or at least 50 of them. RPG weaponage is somewhat under represented, but KotOR does come in at #41 with the Dual Bladed Light Saber:

Lightsabers themselves are immensely powerful tools in both of the Knights of the Old Republic games. HK-47 is a lot of fun, but characters who can't carry around the Force's One True Weapon are basically second-class citizens. And there's no better way to increase your power than by using a Darth Maul-style double-bladed saber in the KotoR games. This is mostly because you could take the most powerful upgrade crystals, toss 'em into a double-blader, and get two blades' worth of power out of each crystal.

and Oblivion produces Goldbrand at #32.

Of course, every variety of action game and shooter is also well represented starting with Metroid, and Bioshock is not neglected with two entries, the Wrench and the Crossbow.


Sunday - September 02, 2007

UGO (Underground Online) - Worst Video Game Sequels

by Magerette, 19:04

Since this is a light news day, UGO's cross-platform list of the Worst Video Game sequels --presumably ever--might be worth a look. Most of the games are far outside the RPG arena, but there is a mention of  KotOR II:

KOTOR II ultimately failed most as a compelling, fan-servicing narrative. Believed by many to be released as an incomplete product following a rushed development period (a fact which is supported by evidence of missing content within the game's files), KOTOR II's story is full of holes (and more than a few gameplay bugs).

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