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Saturday - May 03, 2008
Tuesday - August 14, 2007
Friday - February 02, 2007
Friday - January 26, 2007
Wednesday - January 24, 2007
Friday - January 12, 2007

Saturday - May 03, 2008

WarCry - State of the MMOG

by Asbjoern, 15:23

WarCry turns to the debate on the condition of today's MMOG indutry. They have talked with - among others - President of SOE, John Smedley and GM of ZeniMax Online Studios, Matt Firor:

"It's pretty bleak right now!" explained Daron Stinnett, formerly Executive Producer of the ill-fated Star Trek Online. "If you take a look at the games in the shadow of WoW, you'll find a pack of MMOs that have managed to hold onto one or two hundred thousand subscribers."

It was a sentiment shared by most of those we spoke to. It's obvious that World of Warcraft has the market by the throat and have become perhaps the only truly global game in the MMO-space. That means some tough realities for the games in the next tier.

"[MMOs are in a] state of unrest, right now," said Matt Firor, General Manager of ZeniMax Online Studios, a sister company of Bethesda. "World of Warcraft is ruling the subscription game market, and no one wants to compete with them directly, so they go off for niche markets."

Chantel Zuurmond, Game Designer for CCP Game's EVE Online, agreed: "I think any game that wants to coexist with WoW and do well should try to cater to a niche."

This leaves developers and investors with a choice. They either run at the colossus that is WoW head-on, or they do as Zuurmond suggests and try and carve out a unique - but smaller - niche.

"Publishers and developers look at the 10 million-plus subscribers and can't help but want a piece of the action," noted Steve Butts, IGN PC's Executive Editor.

Over the last two years, a slew of MMOs have hit the shelves and failed utterly. Games like Tabula Rasa, Auto Assault, Vanguard and many more were all big budget, retail subscription MMOs with loads of marketing dollars behind them that have either fallen off the face of the Earth or settled into a small niche. Clearly, the most recent generation of MMOs hasn't been doing enough to fire the imagination of gamers.

Source: Blues News

Tuesday - August 14, 2007

WarCry - Myth War Online Interview

by Inauro, 23:23

Dicca Huang, the Product Manager for Myth War Online, chats to WarCry about bringing the game to the international market.

WarCry: What's gameplay like? How does a player spend his time in Myth War? What's the average day like?

Dicca Huang: Myth War is an ATB bout system MMORPG with wonderful scenes and special system, Players can enjoy the game through various systems sets. Different players have different ideas and play methods, so the characters they achieved are different. There are no best play method and time arrangement, which is also the fun of Myth War.

Source: WarCry

Friday - February 02, 2007

WarCry - Green Monster Games Interview

by Dhruin, 11:45

Green Monster Games continues to collect high profile names with ex-SOE Steve "Moorgard" Danuser and Ryan "Blackguard" Shwayder being interviewed at WarCry about the company and their unnamed project:

WarCry Network: Specially, what does Curt Schilling bring to the project?

Steve Danuser: Though there are a dozen jokes I could make about bloody socks and free baseball tickets, to be honest the biggest thing Curt brings is his character and commitment to people. You don't have to be around him long to realize that personal integrity is at the core of everything he does, from the way he approaches game playing to the way he treats employees as members of his family. It also helps that he is a guy to whom "impossible" doesn't apply, because he has literally achieved things others can only dream of. He is living proof that no matter how challenging our goal is, we can achieve it, which is a huge source of inspiration.

Plus he brings bloody socks and free baseball tickets, which ain't a bad thing.

Friday - January 26, 2007

WarCry - Voyage Century Interview

by Inauro, 23:10

 WarCry talks with Bonnie Wang, Product Communication Supervisor, for Voyage Century about the release of the nautical MMORPG.

WarCry Network: Voyage Century has just launched. How did the beta roll-out of the game go? Were there any major surprises?

Bonnie Wang
: The beta began on Dec.22nd. In the first hour that registration was open, thousands of gamers signed up for accounts hoping to participate in the game's beta test. During the past two weeks, over 500.000 gamers helped Voyage Century on its way to becoming one of the best MMORPGs. The community is passionate and has been a tremendous source of information and feedback for the development team. Now, the beta is being carried on smoothly and successfully. The open of the third server in such a short time is really a big surprise for both players and development team. The Double Exp Event is also a surprising gift for the players. 

Source: WarCry

Wednesday - January 24, 2007

WarCry - Scions of Fate Interview

by Inauro, 21:23

WarCry talks with the Scions of Fate development team.

WarCry Network: Is there an overarching story idea propelling the characters, an in-game conflict, or is this more of a sandbox open-ended world where players can do as they wish?

Scions of Fate: Scions of Fate provides both storyline based system as well a open-ended world to roam freely. The world is set during the conflicts between the two factions. It is an on-going war where players suit up and join factions to fight for what they believe is right.


Source: WarCry

Friday - January 12, 2007

WarCry - Scions of Fate Beta Key Giveaway

by Inauro, 22:45

WarCry and MGame have teamed up for a Scions of Fate beta key giveaway event.  Head on over to WarCry for the full details.

Millions of people worldwide have experienced the magic of Scions of Fate. Find out what keeps them coming back as MGame USA brings this international hit to an English audience. We at WarCry are proud to give you the chance to get into the earliest stages of public testing. 

Source: WarCry

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