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Bad Land Indie

Badland Indie is a branch of Badland Games embodying the firm belief in the need to support international talent in the fields of videogame design and development. The essence of this branch is to facilitate the materialization of competitive projects envisioned by independent international developers, on one hand by providing them the work space and all the technical equipment necessary for development, but also by offering them a commercial and marketing cannon via the company’s proven expertise in the field of the distribution of videogames. The main objective is to streamline the realization of quality games deemed fit to be distributed in digital and/or physical formats, for all available platforms, in essence allowing developers all over the world to commercialize their products internationally to markets across the globe. Therefore worldwide development studios, teams and/or personalities immersed in the development of videogames will find in Badland Indie a means for their hard-work, efforts and talent, resulting in the fruition and monetization of their creations.

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