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Carpe Fulgur

Description from its homepage:

Carpe Fulgur LLC was informally founded in December of 2009 by Andrew Dice and Robin Light-Williams. The two had been friends for some time, and after several frustrating experiences in the interactive entertainment industry (particularly with the localization side), the two resolved to take a different course of action. They envisioned a localization group that could bring deserving works of interactive entertainment - independently-made or otherwise - from Japan to America while using the fruits of modern technology to collaborate as closely as possible with the original content creators, in order to create English-language versions of works that read naturally in English but were still as close as possible to the visions of the original creators. The two need not be mutually exclusive - that rests at the heart of Carpe Fulgur's philosophy.


The name itself is Latin, a variation on Horace's famous "carpe diem" exhortation. It refers to the idea that nothing worth doing can be done without risk, sometimes seemingly foolish risk - to master the storm, sometimes you must try to seize the lightning. Both of the founders felt this symbolized their situation well. Most people would call them foolish for trying to localize a game on their own with a minimal budget, but sometimes one must reach out and seize their dream or it will get away from them forever. Even if that dream burns like lightning at times.


The two soon secured their first project, and Nicholas Carson was dragooned brought onto the team to assist with 2D graphics and interface work. The company was formally registered in June of 2010 in anticipation of the group's first commercial release, and very soon the entire Carpe Fulgur team hopes to show the world how to seize the lightning.

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