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Chronic Logic

Description from its website:

It all started in late 2000, when Alex Austin decided to take the advanced physics engine that he developed for a vehicle combat game, and throw it into a little puzzle game called Bridge Builder*. After he and his friends played with it quite a bit, they decided that this game was too much fun to keep to themselves, and he released the 15 level demo to the masses. The server that was hosting the game soon became inundated with downloads and Bridge Builder* had to be taken off the T1 because of its large bandwidth demands. This was Alex Austin's first indicator that the game might be something more than just a few people would enjoy. What followed are numerous dedicated fan sites, an appearance in a German television show, and various mentions in magazines including PC Gamer and Der Spiegel.


Meanwhile, while Alex had made a whopping $20 from all-too-profitable Internet advertising, He had decided that being broke wasn't that fun and decided to get a job. He hadn't given up on the game yet, though. He knew that all he had to do was make a newer, better version and the community that was already building would support him. With a full-time job, work on the game was slow. On top of that, Pre-Engineering Software Corporation sent Alex an e-mail telling him that the name "Bridge Builder*" was trademarked, and demanded an end to his game's distribution. Alex decided that he did not want to get into a legal battle over such a simple name, so he complied with their wishes. The community still thrives though, thanks to unofficial web sites such as and Pontifex Records.


In the summer of 2001, Alex and long-time friend Ben Nichols came to a crossroads in their careers and decided to make a new version of the game called Pontifex. Thus, Chronic Logic was founded on the premise that there is still a demand for simple, yet fun games, and the developers that make them.


In February 2002, Chronic Logic moved into a new office and was joined by another long-time friend, Josiah Pisciotta. One day, during the production of their next major title, they decided to take a break and develop the best puzzle game ever. Thus Triptych was born. They became so addicted to the game that they was unanimously decided that it would be wrong to keep such a great thing from the public, so they polished it up and released it.


September 2002, Chronic Logic's 3rd game Pontifex II was released. Pontifex II brought back some of the elements of the original Bridge Builder*, and added new features such as draw bridges.


Jan 2003, Alex and Josiah purchased Ben Nichol's share of Chronic Logic. Ben Nichols had left Chronic Logic a few months previous to work else where.


* Bridge Builder is a trademark of Pre-Engineering Software Corporation.

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