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Connor O.R.T. Linning

In 2010 I picked up a C++ programming book and began my career in game development. Soon after in 2012 I entered university working towards a bachelor of science degree in computer science which I completed in 2016. I’ve released two solo games, contributed soundtrack work to a variety of games, and founded my own startup video game studio. My game development dream is to help revive the traditional survival horror genre, but am interested in all kinds of genres as I have also had a blast contributing to RPGs, shoot em ups, VR games, and others.

My game development experience includes work with C/C++ and SFML, Lua, C#, Unity, GameMaker: Studio and GameMaker Language, and other miscellaneous engines.

Aside from personal satisfaction, my goal in music and game development has been to make something that impacts something the way my favorite works have impacted me.

I’m a 1/4 Dutch, 1/4 French, and the remaining half is a mix of English, Scottish and Irish. This accounts for my love of Trance, obscure Black Metal, and Tea. I am fluent in both English and French and if I had more time I’d love to be able keep up with studying Spanish.

In my personal time I like to read fantasy and sci fi novels, non-fiction (history, mythology, ancient European, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean culture) books, watch documentaries, go hiking, hit the gym, and argue with my friend Nic about whether green tea or coffee is better.

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