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I've been dreaming up games since I was little kid. Back then I used whatever I could get my hands on; paper cut-outs, pushpins and corkboard, and even baseball cards. When I reached highschool, I took courses in graphic design and coding; my final coding project was a text-based combat simulator set during World War II. Years later, I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree focusing on accounting with the goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant. After I graduated, however, I found myself in a unique situation where I could see a window of opportunity. I decided that with the background I had gained in coding, graphic design, and business, I could make the game I had always dreamed of. In January of 2014 I began a journey of learning, getting acquainted with my first tools, Unity, Blender, and Visual Studio. From there I continuously built up my skills, working in real-time and turn-based environments, to the point where I could begin work on ColonyShip-4: Survivors.

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Country: Canada