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Transolar Games

We are working on our first game in the Hero-U Adventure Role-playing series, 'Rogue to Redemption.' This game was originally funded by our fans and friends on the Kickstarter crowding funding website where we raised over $400,000.

To accompany the game, we developed the Hero-U website. The Hero's Journal blog talks the excitement and trials of creating the game.

Once again, we redefine what a game should be.


Corey S. Cole

Creative Director

Lori Ann Cole

Director of Marketing

Michael Cole


Mike Croswell

Jonathan Cheatham

Rob Eisenberg

Jerry Shaw

Lead Artist

Terry Robinson


John Paul Selwood

Eric Varnes

Paul Bowers

Mark Povey

Assistant Producer

Christopher Fong


Transolar Games

PO Box 2350

Oakhurst, CA


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Transolar Games

Country: United States