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ZUXXEZ Entertainment

From the website:

Write ZUXXEZ, speak SUCCESS.

Simply put - we make computer games successful! With thousands of new game releases each year, getting the right marketing is becoming the key factor in determing whether a game will be a hit or a miss. Good marketing starts early at ZUXXEZ. We begin by looking for and at promising projects - often still in the conceptual stage - a contract is negotiated and then the work starts. ZUXXEZ plays a decisive role in development, product management, finance and marketing. In this way, both developer and publishers profit from our know-how and experience in the computer game business. With our backing, the developer is free to concentrate entirely on creating the best game possible. And our publishing partners are assured of receiving a finished product perfectly tailored to the needs of the market.

The ZUXXEZ product line contains a wide range of top titles, from RTS to RPG and Adventure games - sure to please both hardcore gamers and novices. We have several smash hits to our credit and a history of bringing out the best in the development teams we work with. The most popular of which is the "Earth" series by the Reality Pump developer team. We combine creative energy with marketing savvy to the benefit of publisher, developer and, of course, the customer.

Staff: 10 (ZUXXEZ), 40 (Reality Pump)

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ZUXXEZ Entertainment

Country: Germany