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Ultimate Newcomer - A C64 RPG

by Skavenhorde, 2010-11-15 12:36:24

Now for something completely different. There is a new verision of Enhanced Newcomer going to be released in the near future. If no one has heard of Newcomer before I don't blame you, neither had I. TheGameSquid brought this game to my attention in the RPGWatch forums. It's a new game on a very old platform, the Commodore 64.

Before you crucify me for announcing an RPG on one of the oldest platforms out there just take a look at what Ultimate Newcomer has to offer:



 * 180+ characters you can interact with, each with his/her own portrait graphic

* 10+ people who may join you, to make a team of up to 6 members

* ...or try it on your own, in the extra challenging Solo game mode...

* 50+ different areas to explore, created with 30+ different graphic sets

* 100+ cutscenes/situational graphics in-game, that make you feel like you are there

* 180,000+ words of ingame text, mostly interactive conversations

* No random encounters

* Thousands of puzzles and situations to encounter and solve

* Complex, non-linear gameplay with multiple levels of endings

* Months or weeks of immersive gaming until you "complete" the game...

* ...but there will still be a thousand situations, resolutions and encounters you have not seen yet, and 2 more game modes to complete!

* Animated intro and outro sequences

* Game controls changed for more comfort for emulator users on PC/Mac keyboards

This game is twenty years in the making with a boasted 70 - 280 gaming hours for the first playthrough.

There is more information on the game at Protovision's website and there are a few linked articles over at Newcomer's homepage. The homepage doesn't give a specific release date, but it says they're fixing the last known issues and preparing for Gold Master.

So there you have it. A huge roleplaying experience on a platform almost as old as I am. It's going to be released as Donationware. Basically you can get it for free and can make a donation if you would like. If not then just enjoy the game. There will also be boxed versions of the game available for purchase.

I realize this game will not interest many people, but it at least deserved to be mentioned once.

Thanks again to TheGameSquid.

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