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Digimon Survive - Review @ Gamerbraves

by Hiddenx, 2022-08-02 10:32:08

Gamerbraves has reviewed the Visual Novel/Tactical RPG Digimon Survive:

Digimon Survive Spoiler-free Review – Well Worth The Wait

A moment of silence for our brethren who passed away waiting for Survive

After being in development hell for what felt like an eternity, Digimon Survive is finally out—here’s our spoiler-free review of the game! The game was released a few days ago worldwide on 29 July 2022 and is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam.

Note that this spoiler-free review of Digimon Survive is based on my experience playing the game on Switch. The game is a visual novel with SRPG combat, similar to Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics


Closing Thoughts

That’s pretty much it for this spoiler-free review of Digimon Survive. It is, in my opinion, not only the best Digimon game of all time, but it’s also one of the best mystery Visual Novels of all time, up there with the likes of Umineko, Danganronpa, the Zero Escape series, and more. Yes, I know it’s priced a lot more than what we usually pay for visual novel, but my experience with it so far feels that it could compete with other amazing 60 USD triple A titles. It’s just that good.

Additionally, I also think this is the best game for non-Digimon fans to get into the series. It’s an extremely well-written and impactful story that works even if you have 0 Digimon knowledge. It’s also very similar to the anime, in terms of the partnership between human and Digimon, making this is the perfect entry point for those who don’t know Digimon. 

If you’re a fan of the previous Digimon games, you have to know that this is NOT a JRPG. This isn’t a grind-heavy JRPG like World 2 or 3, World DS, World Dawn/Dusk or Cyber Sleuth. This also isn’t a raising simulator like the original World, Re:Digitize or Next Order. This is a Visual Novel first, SRPG second. Sure, I’ll love a new JRPG or raising simulator, but Survive is such an incredible story-driven experience that makes it worth the development hell it was in.

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