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We Are The Caretakers - Review

by Hiddenx, 2023-01-15 07:46:25

The Xbox Hub checked out the Sci-Fi Strategy RPG We are the Caretakers (on the Xbox):

We Are the Caretakers Review

If you’ve been feeling guilty about making animal-skin wallets in the Far Cry series, then you might want to redeem yourself with We Are the Caretakers. Instead of carving up creatures you’re protecting them, in what might be Xbox’s first anti-poaching game. Buy it, and you’re even contributing 10% of the amount to Save the Rhinos. 

We Are the Caretakers has more to offer than a noble message. It’s a two-hander: on one hand it’s an exploration sim, not too far distant from Curious Expedition 2, or the opening moments in Civilisation, where you’re scouting the area for resources and villages. On the other hand, it’s a turn-based RPG. While the Steam page references X-Com, We Are the Caretakers takes its lead from the battle sequences of a JRPG. The positioning of your troops is less important than deciding whether to attack, heal or buff.


We Are the Caretakers deserves heaps of praise. You can point to the world design, story, depth of gameplay and themes of conservation and find something to fall in love with. But it needed longer in Early Access. The bugs and crashes keep stampeding through the game, trampling on what was painstakingly constructed. Should the bugs be removed, we’d add at least a half-mark to the score.

Score: 3/5

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