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Fable 2 - Lionhead's Must-Do List

by Dhruin, 2008-10-22 23:54:34

I have the feeling we posted something similar to this a while, here we go again.  MTV has Design Director Dene Carter's 10 must-do things in Fable II.  Could be spoiler-y, I guess:

1. Bowerstone’s Bridge

Described by Albion’s best-known and least competent bard as “nice and bridgey,” this functional edifice spans the entire width of the river Bower*, and is much beloved by both ardent romantics and the “desperate-but-desirous-of-a-quickie.” Hand-in-hand walks in the moonlight are given a special magic courtesy of Bowerstone Bridge’s meat, fish and alcoholic beverage stalls.

2. Oakfield’s Temple of Light

In the hills overlooking the pastoral splendor of Oakfield lies the Temple of Light. Despite its curiously dingy interior, pilgrims and advocates of the way of Light make their way here once every half-century, to pay their respects and witness the replanting of the tree of life. You are encouraged to make a donation to the temple during the visit, preferably as a recompense for the sense of peace and inner stillness your visit will achieve, but more probably from the knowledge that generous donations occasionally result in the spontaneous appearance of a valuable nature.

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