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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint - September Update

by Hiddenx, 2022-10-05 15:24:13

Henriquejr spotted the progress report for Cyber Knights: Flashpoint:

September Progress Report

UX redesign, difficulty systems and trait mutation rules paired Power Broker and Heist Edition rewards going out!

Another month and another major set of features and content milestones have been completed! During September, we released 3 major alpha updates packed full of features, improvements from community feedback and content. Two of the major systems that we wrapped up this month are close to our hearts: difficulty and Trait mutation. Both have drawn a lot of inspiration and lessons learned from our last game, Star Traders: Frontiers. In addition, the UX team has completed the visual design for the both the main mission screens as well as the Matrix Mk2.

As always, there are far too many dev milestones to list them all here, but let’s check in on a few!

UX Redesign
For a long time, Cyber Knights: Flashpoint has been living with a functional, if not beautiful, game UI. Working with our UX team, we’ve now completed the discovery, wireframe design and finally the visual design for the main tactical modes of the game -- the real-life heist missions as well as the Matrix Mk2 hacking you can engage in during a heist.

We still have the challenging task of bringing the full UI design into the game, but all the assets are ready, and we’re prepared to start this week while the UX team is moving on to a very exciting discovery and wireframing process for the Safehouse.


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