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Disco Elysium - No Sequel from ZA/UM?

by Hiddenx, 2022-10-06 17:05:00

Martin Luiga told Gamepressure that he thinks that ZA/UM will not make a Disco Elysium successor:

"Fans Have the Right to Know" - Disco Elysium Co-Creator Talks ZA/UM Losing With the System

The sad news of ZA/UM Cultural Association's dissolution and the firing of key figures from the studio that gave us Disco Elysium have left many players hurting. We talked the man who delivered it to the public.


"I think ZA/UM Studio in its current form will not be developing the sequel and I am unsure of the number of people that left in the company who also worked on the original Disco."

However, we can still expect some amazing stuff in the future coming from Kurvitz, Hindpere and Rostov, who did not say the last word in gamedev:

"I think the three will continue making games, as for myself, I haven't decided the level of my involvement as of yet. Right now, it is mostly the phase of pondering ideas and managing our problems."


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