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Harvestella - Review @ CC

by Hiddenx, 2022-11-18 17:00:15

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Harvestella Review


When it comes to farming life sims there are certain series that immediately spring to mind that have been around for decades and when you combine them with fantasy action, there are even more that have combined RPG elements with farming to relatively great success. In recent years many new entries in this once small genre have appeared and now it is time for Square Enix to take a crack at things with Harvestella. Offering a new take on the fantasy farming RPG genre, is Harvestella worth checking out for fans of the genre?  



Harvestella feels like a solid first entry for a company not entirely familiar with the farming/action RPG genre mix. The title offers perhaps some exceptional storytelling once things finally get going and has some absolutely wonderful characters to interact with but both its farming mechanics are a bit too simple for those who prefer that side of things. Even then, while the combat is more interesting and offers some strategic elements, especially when it comes to diving into Harvestella’s massive dungeons, it too has a number of poorly thought out elements that stop it from really standing out. As such, Harvestella does its best to create an enticing world for players to get lost in all while offering simpler than expected gameplay elements.

Score: 7/10

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