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Marvel's Midnight Suns - Review

by Hiddenx, 2022-12-05 18:23:30

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns review: Detailed superhero RPG goes the extra mile

Over the past 15 years, comic book fans have been lucky enough to see their favorite superheroes turn into household names thanks in no small part to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a selection of DC comics adaptations. Though when it comes to video games, only the biggest heroes like Spider-Man and Batman have gotten that same spotlight. That’s changing with Marvel’s Midnight Suns. It’s a strategy RPG that follows both iconic Avengers characters and more obscure supernatural ones as they take on Lilith, Mother of Demons. Players can walk around and mingle with the other heroes between missions, while its turn-based strategy gameplay stands out from Firaxis’ previous titles by putting the focus on card-based abilities.


But even at a time where Marvel is more popular than ever, Marvel’s Midnight Suns finds a way to stand out by going the extra mile. The boring level design and issues with Abbey exploration can dampen an otherwise fantastic experience, but my appreciation for these characters and the well-thought-out nature of the card-based combat encouraged me to play until the final hours.

As played out as Marvel is at this point, Firaxis didn’t just cash in with a Marvel skin for XCOM. It decided to make something unique and established a new superhero RPG formula that I hope isn’t a one-time thing.


  • Entertaining story
  • Deep friendship systems
  • Approachable, deep card combat
  • Optional open-world exploration


  • Stale combat arena design
  • Confusing objectives

Score: 4/5

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