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Etrian Odyssey HD - Review @ Screenrant

by Hiddenx, 2023-06-03 12:26:48

Screenrant reviewed the Etrian Odyssey HD triology:

"Beautifully Remastered": Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Switch Review

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection brings beautifully remastered versions of the first three adventures in the series to the Nintendo Switch (and Steam).

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection features the first three games in the RPG franchise fully remastered for the Nintendo Switch by developer ATLUS. The three games are each some of the longest to have ever been released on the Nintendo DS, which means that this collection will provide hundreds of hours of content for would-be dungeon crawlers. Players can create their own party of adventurers to delve into the labyrinthian forest, explore floating castles high in the sky, or investigate a drowned city throughout these three tales.


Ultimately, though the Etrian Odyssey games do not feature much story, they are incredibly fun dungeon-crawling experiences. The featured ability to draw maps of the dungeons as the party progresses through the game can become somewhat tedious if played in docked mode using a controller, but with the touchscreen in handheld, it can be quick and very satisfying. The Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is a well-crafted remaster of the original games and offers hundreds of hours of fun for dungeon-crawling enthusiasts.

Score: 3.5/5

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