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Kingsblood - Release Date: June 21

by Hiddenx, 2023-06-08 10:50:37

The tactical RPG Kingsblood will be released on June 21:


Kingsblood blends tactical autobattler mechanics and dungeon crawling in a mercenary RPG with a fully voiced campaign.

Join the fight against a tyrannical monarchy in a grimdark world of political intrigue and injustice. Assemble a powerful guild of unique followers, send them on dangerous missions, while building your guild hall. Master the art of party composition and unlock the true potential of your warriors as you fight battles and dungeons in your quest for justice.

Explore a Medieval Fantasy World
Unlock a network of allied cities to enable trade, access new quests or just listen to the rumors in the local tavern.

Assemble your Fellowship
Encounter and acquire various characters with unique special abilities and synergies. Strategically employ them in battles and manage their motivation.

Venture into Dungeons
Explore the depths of creepy caves filled with traps, enemies, and treasures. Will you dare to challenge even the toughest enemies that lurk in the deep?

Prepare for Combat
Exploit the enemy's elemental weaknesses by skillfully positioning your troops before the autosimulated battle begins.

What Kingsblood offers:

  • Story-heavy campaign in a dark fantasy world
  • 50 unlockable characters
  • Character progression
  • Endless dungeons, quests & items
  • Autosimulated combat
  • Synergy effects based on party composition
  • Base building
  • Crafting weapons and brewing potions

What Kingsblood does not offer:

  • High-end graphics
  • Hectic and reactive gameplay
  • Multi-player

About the Developers

Our indie team of three friends, united by a passion for gaming, is bringing their dream to life.

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