1. Void000

    Haven't Seen this on the Front Page

    So this just released on Steam: Has anyone play it? Any good...? Also, Dark Heart of Uukrul just re-released on Steam: HIGHLY recommended. Please post this as news, Voidie.
  2. K

    SpaceWreck: postapoc space RPG inspired by Fallout

    Hello! Steam page: Trailer: Release (EA): February 28, 2020 I'm developing a hardcore RPG SpaceWreck inspired by the Fallout games, especially Fallout, Fallout 2, New Vegas, Arcanum being not...
  3. poetic

    Sacred Fire - a psychological RPG mixing narrative and tactics

    Sacred Fire - a psychological RPG with flavors of Banner Saga and Darkest Dungeon Hey everyone, Sacred Fire is a turn-based, psychological RPG about survival, power, and the search for meaning, inspired by ancient Caledonia. Build your will to show courage in battle and cunning in the throne...
  4. C

    Grimoire Kickstarter

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