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  1. R

    After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long!

    Greetings! Our upcoming RPG / visual novel "After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long" has a demo available on Steam! (The name is a mouthful, isn't it? The short version is Catgirl's Questlist.) T3V8EFSCzTA&t= The player will take the role of Vera, a charm witch and adventurer, and...
  2. A

    [Kickstarter] Bluemoonpark

    Hello everyone! My team and I created a visual novel called Bluemoonpark. We are trying to get this funded so we can make this project possible. Check out the kickstarter page if you're interested! Thank you very much! Kickstarter page:
  3. Aureus

    Roadwarden - an RPG / Visual Novel / Text Adventure fantasy hybrid (demo available)

    Greetings, I'm new here! Roadwarden is an interactive fiction in which you explore and change a hostile, grim realm. Everyone knows to stay away from the wilderness. Most people would never risk a lonely journey. Roadwardens not only accept this struggle, they embrace it. They deliver...
  4. HiddenX

    A Near Dawn

    A Near Dawn - a Visual Adventure Game is now on Kickstarter. _UFhOwEiAwo A lawyer must save his friends and reveal the truth in a stylish humorous thriller blending Point & Click and Visual Novels
  5. Sneaky_seal

    Ash of Gods

    Hi, guys, I'm part of the team working on an upcoming RPG "Ash of Gods" and I'd be happy to tell you everything about it. Ash of Gods is а multi-genre project that features most of the typical elements of a visual novel, tactical turn-based role-playing game and card strategy. Here's the...
  6. rk47

    (Visual Novel) Let's Play - Katawa Shoujo!

    I wouldn't spoil the story (I never completed myself), but it's…unique. For the uninitiated, Visual Novels are…uh…interactive books you can flip through. It doesn't have combat, gameplay mechanics involve around multiple choices that creates divergent paths to the end. Most people call it...
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