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  1. Saireau

    Wildsilver — Early Access out now!

    Early Access Wildsilver is the fifth JRPG created by Great Potion Games. This is the early-access version of the game, 0.9.x. It contains the complete story, all skills, items, equipment, enemies, locations et cetera. It's a full gaming experience, but there will be regular patches with...
  2. M

    Unferat- great indie warlock simulator rpg

    In Unferat, the protagonist will be opposed to the settlement and will take revenge on the villagers with the help of unholy creatures and dark sorcery. The methods of interaction with the enemy, the pace of the game and the style of passage are completely determined by the player. You will...
  3. Saireau

    Game Master Plus

    Why you may enjoy this Game About 10 hours playtime per class! British English! Easy-going with optional challenges! Every single skill, item, piece of equipment, enemy and state designed with love! Female protagonist! Little linear equipment progression! Occasional epicness! Open source...
  4. Saireau

    LV99: Final Fortress

    aySewYbrbIo So … You love JRPGs for their epic late game? Then why not skip the boring Stuff? Venture straight into the final dungeon of this heroic journey, Lay aside your legendary equipment for even better pieces, Slay bosses and super bosses with versatile skills and mighty finishers...
  5. Makoradrum

    Element:Space | Turn-based tactical squad RPG

    Welcome! I'm Makora, part of the team of Sixth Vowel’s first title – Element: Space! So, what is Element Space? If you want to get technical, it’s a Replayable Sci-Fi Turn-Based Tactical Squad RPG. The current release is the first half of the game, with the other half due to launch in the...
  6. S

    The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon--New CRPG with pen and paper feel

    The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon is coming soon to Fig. Its a new digital RPG experience set within the old-school pen and paper Fighting Fantasy Deathtrap Dungeon series. Welcome feedback:) Head to for a special sneak preview of the upcoming Fig campaign to learn more.
  7. L

    Arakion Early Access Launches!

    Arakion Early Access Launched! Check it out on Steam! Enjoy dungeon crawlers like Grimrock? Journey into Arakion, where classic dungeon crawling meets world-building, crafting, deep customization, and more! Begin your epic tale to uncover the mysteries of a broken world! As a thank you for...
  8. K

    Azure Saga: Pathfinder: A 2D, Isometric RPG Adventure

    Calling all RPG enthusiasts! I want to take a minute of your time to tell you about an amazing old school RPG called Azure Saga: Pathfinder -- out now on Steam. If you love the style of old-school RPGs, then this game is right up your alley. It features the...
  9. 1

    Rabbit Hole - A RPG Adventure (In Development)

    Hey all!! I wanted to talk about and show you all a game that we have been working on at 1manstudio. It is a RPG Adventure Indie Game, set in a Dark Wonderland. The game is called Rabbit Hole, which you can read about on the Rabbit Hole website. Rabbit Hole is an upcoming story-driven -...
  10. Paszq

    Arpago - retro 3D dungeon crawler | RPG-lite

    Hi, For the last 1.5 year I've been working on a little personal project, heavily inspired by games I liked and wanted to see them mixed. I called it Arpago. What it is It is a top-down action RPG-lite as I like to call it. It is set in a cartoony fantasy universe, has semi-open world divided...
  11. RatTower

    Monomyth - A first person action RPG/dungeon crawler [In Development]

    Steam Greenlight: Description There once was a guy who played King's Field 20 years after its first release and thought: "Wow… this is really cool! But I wish it had better controls...
  12. S

    Sapu - magical dark action RPG game

    Hi RPGWatch community! For over 2 years, with three magicians (one responsible for graphics, one for programming + a young and talented composer recently joined us) we're working on our first serious title - Sapu. It's a top-down, action RPG game with dark atmosphere, where sometimes running is...
  13. amkgames

    Neera: Dark Secrets, In Development

    Neera: Dark Secrets, Fantasy Action-RPG Description: Neera: Dark Secrets is a fast-paced Fantasy Action/RPG with beautidul pixel art style graphics. Gameplay Combat system contains four weapons and four attacks(normal, special, power and power special) for each weapon. There are two modes...
  14. Ama's Lullaby

    [KICKSTARTER] Ama's Lullaby - A cyberpunk adventure game

    Hi there :) Ama's Lullaby - Prologue is an adventure game in the style of Westwood Studios' Blade Runner (1997), featuring a command-line based hacking system. The target platforms are PC, Mac & Linux. The story After the announcement of a...
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