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August 8, 2020
Bielefeld, Germany
Early Access
Wildsilver is the fifth JRPG created by Great Potion Games. This is the early-access version of the game, 0.9.x. It contains the complete story, all skills, items, equipment, enemies, locations et cetera.

It's a full gaming experience, but there will be regular patches with improvements.

Version 1.0.0 will be released once I feel like development is practically done and there are no 'should-dos' anymore. A piece of art is never finished, only abandoned, but this will be the point where I don't make changes proactively anymore (while still reacting to feedback). Version 0.9.x is priced at 4,99 USD, while version 1.0.x will be 9,99 USD.

Accompany Velven on a mission to save her sister Soire who has been poisoned by a Basilisk. Meet a little robot with a hammer and a brave knight from the capital who offer their help and venture right into the lair of the fierce dragon.


From there, the story takes a few turns to become god-slayingly epic as expected from a game of this genre. You will acually get to see the capital yourself, find out what ancient secrets it hides and, though courage, skill and, to be fair, some lucky circumstances, save the world from destruction.

Explore environments, find chests, fight monsters, get stronger, learn skills, buy items, customise equipment, solve puzzles, talk to people, break urns. In that order if played as designed.

  • 15 hours of playtime
  • epic and emotional story
  • easy-going progression with some challenges
  • ATB system (you can choose between wait and active mode)
  • robotic companion (people seem to like Gilbert a lot)
  • many ways of accumulating power
  • many reversible customisation options (that is, equipment with effects)
  • finisher skills
  • clean level design and user interfaces
  • smooth lighting, tilt shift, parallax water and other visual effects
  • self-written soundtrack with 40+ tracks
  • awesome sound effect for critical hits (this is more important than you’d think!)
  • many cutscenes, but mainly short ones (I hope this is a good compromise)
  • British English
  • no time pressure (I didn’t like this in Majora’s Mask or Pikmin)
  • no missable items (no need to keep a guide and double-check every 5 minutes)
  • no game over (except for elite and boss battles)



Get it now!
You can download the game for Windows and macOS right here:


Asset Creator?
Are you one of the talented people who have made assets used in Wildsilver? Send me a message! You'll get the game for free, of course!

If you have created assets that you think would fit this game phenomenally, please get in touch too!

Letsplayer? Streamer?
If you’re a letsplayer or streamer with a regular schedule that would have a slot for a session of Wildsilver, I'll gladly provide you with a key as well!

More Games
Please visit my website to find information about Game Master, Game Master Plus, LV99: Final Fortress and Wildsilver Zero!


Have fun playing and please leave a review!
Aug 8, 2020
Bielefeld, Germany
I'm burnt out on all the paid RPG Maker or other similiar engine games nowadays. Though don't let my opinion discourage you, and I wish you luck and good sales.
Oct 1, 2010
Version 0.9.1 has been released on itch.io and Steam. :)

Here's the patchlog:

  • Overdrive: Now also doubles CP Gain.
  • Inspire: Now has a new animation for CP gain.
  • Paradise: Doesn’t grant Regen anymore.
  • Added a delay between HP and state popups for skills that heal and buff.
  • Griffin Talons: Crits now deal no extra damage (down from 125%).
  • Remembrance: Changed name to ‘Yumi’. Now also halves DEX.
  • Ethereal Falcon: Now attacks thrice always (not only if at 50 CP or more).
  • Life Fibres: Now lowers Max HP by 5 per Level (instead of lowering Max HP by 40%).
  • Platinum Helmet: Now halves projectile damage taken and protects against instant death.
  • Scarlet Scarf: Now also has a 5% chance to kill instantly.
  • Aegis: Now also generates 5 CP when being hit.
  • Foomy: Added to the Mountains enemy pool.
  • Mandrake Queen: Lowered Max HP by 10%.
  • Gigantula: Made the reason for Enrage on minion damage clearer.
  • For enemies between Level 1 and 5, lowered max HP by 2 and raised main stats by 1.
  • Raised base enemy EXP to 5 (from 0).
  • Optimised the encounter rate. Dashing now increases it, being at full HP with all heroes decreases it.
  • Escaping a battle now sets CP of all heroes to 0.
  • Always evade: Now works as intended for enemies. Heroes no longer have the accuracy boost that allowed them to still land a hit sometimes.
  • Added visual effects for certain states.
  • Added a little dust cloud animation after jumps.
  • Prophecy ‘Grass Hopper’: Raised requirement to 1000 (up from 200).
  • Switched battle themes around to order them by epicness.
  • Added new BGM: ‘Church’.
  • Added new MEs: ‘Defeat’, ‘NewPartyMember’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Victory’, ‘VictoryElite’, ‘VictoryBoss’.
  • ME ‘GameOver’: Changed an instrument.
  • Made active spelroks brighter.
  • Replaced some golden save statues with silver ones that don’t heal.
  • Moved Gant to an earlier location and added some text.
  • Optimised Mila’s battle tips, added some and ordered them thematically.
  • The Elder’s Shards blessing now raises the selling price of fabled loot by 15 instead of urns containing 15 Shards more.
  • Ruins: Lowered the BGM pitch depending on the floor.
  • Added some cutscenes.
  • Made many minor fixes and optimisations.
  • Updated plugins.
Aug 8, 2020
Bielefeld, Germany
Another patch! Version 0.9.2 has been released on itch.io and Steam.

Here's the patchlog:

  • Fixed a critical bug.
  • Chenoo: Now always chills.
  • Meteor: Now called Supernova.
  • Ghost Shell: Now also restores 20 HP when evading.
  • Paladin’s Cuirass: Now also raises RES by 20%.
  • Raised stat bonuses of common equipment to 15% per rank (up from 10%).
  • Taunt: Fixed a bug that caused the taunting battler to take critical damage too.
  • Snake and Beetle: Swapped places in enemy pools and Hunts.
  • Gigantula: Fixed a bug that causes the Gigantula to enrage twice under certain conditions.
  • Spider: No longer takes hits for allies with low HP.
  • Reordered Swamp and Route enemies and hunts due to Snake and Beetle being swapped.
  • For enemies between Level 6 and 10, lowered max HP by 2 and raised main stats by 1.
  • Added the remaining 1-line tutorials from *Wildsilver Zero.*
  • Replaced the flute sound in all BGMs and MEs.
  • Removed delay in BGM loops.
  • Added lighting to save statues.
  • Village: Saving now marks a checkpoint during the stealth sequence.
  • Swamp: Changed battle background and save file image.
  • Made many minor fixes and optimisations.
  • Updated plugins.
Aug 8, 2020
Bielefeld, Germany
Version 0.9.3 has been released on itch.io and Steam.

Here's the patchlog:

  • Changed levels many skills are learned at.
  • Guard: Now won’t be used by enemies which guard already.
  • Tackle: Now uses the attacker’s DEF for damage calculation as intended.
  • Overdrive: Now works correctly. Next turn comes faster.
  • Fatigue: Now also reduces HP by 20% (elites and bosses: 2%).
  • Strain: No longer lowers ATK.
  • Fixed or optimised some skill descriptions.
  • Silver Sword: Fixed blacksmith descriptions.
  • Sacred Grove: Now also raises MAG and RES when consuming an Herb at battle start.
  • Nimble Ninja: Has been replaced with a new mystic waistcoat.
  • Titanium Thread: Has been replaced with Nimble Ninja.
  • Hermes Boots: Now also generate 5 CP when evading.
  • Mandrake Queen: Raised ATK by 10%.
  • Skeleton Summoners: Will now always resummon a skeleton if one has been killed.
  • Steel Beetle: Is now accompanied by Scorpions instead of Red Jellies.
  • Elite battles now have a twist during the second encounter.
  • Treant: Replaced the HP-regeneration passive with Mighty Branches and Broken Branches.
  • Banditbot 3K: Renamed to Banditron 3K.
  • Poison: Now gets resolved after battle, dealing the damage it would have dealt in battle before expiring.
  • Sped up the drain animation.
  • Optimised encounter rate depending on the number of encounters since using a save statue.
  • Replaced menu buzzer SE.
  • Swamp: Added an animation to the vines vanishing.
  • Route: Hunts now update correctly after battle.
  • Tower: Moved the final two chests to a previous map. Chests and Herbs in paintings now count for the right completion. Added a fairy that sets your completion variables to the correct values.
  • Made many minor fixes and optimisations.
There might still be a critical bug with the elite enemy called Undead Behemoth. If anyone has encountered it and remembers the circumstances (current equipment, skill being used before the crash or anything else), please let me know! I'm unable to explain or reproduce it at the moment. Maybe some plugin update has fixed it by now?
Aug 8, 2020
Bielefeld, Germany
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