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  1. Y

    The Vision Of The Ant

    The Vision Of The Ant is an old-school monster catching RPG. Explore the world, recruit monsters, collect loot and get stronger. STEAM - The Vision Of The Ant
  2. M

    Unferat- great indie warlock simulator rpg

    In Unferat, the protagonist will be opposed to the settlement and will take revenge on the villagers with the help of unholy creatures and dark sorcery. The methods of interaction with the enemy, the pace of the game and the style of passage are completely determined by the player. You will...
  3. S

    World's first Badminton Card Battle Indie RPG!

    Hi all! We're proud to announce that our first game has been released in Google Play Store. It's a Badminton themed fast paced card battle indie RPG, using a very unique battle system and map navigation. Even non Badminton fans can enjoy the game nevertheless! Here's the full trailer...
  4. R

    After I met that catgirl, my questlist got too long!

    Greetings! Our upcoming RPG / visual novel "After I Met That Catgirl, My Questlist Got Too Long" has a demo available on Steam! (The name is a mouthful, isn't it? The short version is Catgirl's Questlist.) T3V8EFSCzTA&t= The player will take the role of Vera, a charm witch and adventurer, and...
  5. S

    The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon--New CRPG with pen and paper feel

    The Hero of Deathtrap Dungeon is coming soon to Fig. Its a new digital RPG experience set within the old-school pen and paper Fighting Fantasy Deathtrap Dungeon series. Welcome feedback:) Head to for a special sneak preview of the upcoming Fig campaign to learn more.
  6. L

    Arakion Early Access Launches!

    Arakion Early Access Launched! Check it out on Steam! Enjoy dungeon crawlers like Grimrock? Journey into Arakion, where classic dungeon crawling meets world-building, crafting, deep customization, and more! Begin your epic tale to uncover the mysteries of a broken world! As a thank you for...
  7. K

    Azure Saga: Pathfinder: A 2D, Isometric RPG Adventure

    Calling all RPG enthusiasts! I want to take a minute of your time to tell you about an amazing old school RPG called Azure Saga: Pathfinder -- out now on Steam. If you love the style of old-school RPGs, then this game is right up your alley. It features the...
  8. H

    Crypt - My First Large Scale Open World Free RPG

    Hey Guys Recently Launched my first large full scale 3rd person open world RPG Game Crypt we are now live on Kickstarter. Crypt takes you deep into the ancient and forgotten places of a long dead world with a massive 5 act campaign fully integrated spell system titanic world boss's and much...
  9. Paszq

    Arpago - retro 3D dungeon crawler | RPG-lite

    Hi, For the last 1.5 year I've been working on a little personal project, heavily inspired by games I liked and wanted to see them mixed. I called it Arpago. What it is It is a top-down action RPG-lite as I like to call it. It is set in a cartoony fantasy universe, has semi-open world divided...
  10. vlzvl

    The Darkness Below: a retro CRPG in the making

    Hey guys, i'm vlzvl and i'm creating a dungeon crawler game titled The Darkness Below. The game itself its on early stages of development and i am focusing at the moment into appropriate graphics and game mechanics, not stories, world or levels. As you will find from the images, i am a serious...
  11. S

    Sapu - magical dark action RPG game

    Hi RPGWatch community! For over 2 years, with three magicians (one responsible for graphics, one for programming + a young and talented composer recently joined us) we're working on our first serious title - Sapu. It's a top-down, action RPG game with dark atmosphere, where sometimes running is...
  12. daveyd

    [Kickstarter] Arcane- "An adventure-survival role playing game"

    Just came across this Kickstarter. Looks like it could be a nice game for anyone who likes some strategy / sim elements in their RPGs, but the primary focus is magic. And it's got a nice looking pixel art (doesn't look like deliberately retro for the sake of retro crap). Music is decent too...
  13. daveyd

    Possible Unrest Sequel?

    I just saw on twitter today that Pyrodactyl games is considering doing a follow-up to the RPG (which I'd say is actually more of a visual novel / adventure game) set in Ancient India. I thought the setting, soundtrack, and visuals were great for such a low budget game were fantastic and the...
  14. AllFatherGray

    Battle Is Key! - Online Tactical RPG - Testers Needed

    Email us for a build at : Battle is Key is an SRPG in the same vein as Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics with a real time element. It comes with 2 modes Online versus(currently available) and story mode(wip). There is no random-chance in BiK - attacks don't miss…...
  15. daveyd

    Back From Hell- old school adventure / CRPG hybrid

    A Kickstarter just launched for a game called "Back From Hell". "Back From Hell is a CRPG Puzzle/Adventure game set in two worlds, a 15th Century Spanish hilltop town and a journey to the depths of Hell and back again. It merges classic computer role playing game mechanics with point & click...
  16. daveyd

    Celestian Tales: Old North + Howl of the Ravager

    Celestian Tales: Old North is a turn-based Indonesian JRPG (pure turn-based, none of that ATB nonsense that forces you to rush in your decision). Rather than random encounters, wandering enemies appear in the areas and are usually avoidable as in Chrono Trigger. Character progression is...
  17. C

    Ara Fell

    Stegosoft Games Presents… A Game by Stephen Anthony… "Long, long ago, the elven sorcerers cast a spell to save the floating world of Ara Fell from destruction. Instead, they doomed it to fall from the sky. By chance, the fate of the world has been placed in the hands of a young woman. Join her...
  18. A

    Machine Made: Rebirth (Indie JRPG)

    A few notes about installing this game: -- There are versions on the internet from our fugly pre-alpha days -- The best way to get the latest version is to contact me -- There is, as of yet, no standalone installer, you'll need a package with install instructions INTRODUCTION: Hey, I'm Allsvin...
  19. M

    Monbattle - A Western JRPG that's strategic from the first battle.

    What is up guys, my name is Frank (and VahnManX in the YouTube world) creator of Monbattle, an online multiplayer tactical RPG. Despite how my parents banned me from playing video games as a kid, the washroom and the gameboy was the perfect opportunity to play video games. Growing up loving...
  20. A

    Free, Open World, True story, fully custom RPG!

    ReAwakening is a Free, classic, 2D JRPG with a massive feature set and several hours of game play. The project is a over a year old and is nearly complete. Tons of Features, Customization, and original Artwork. We also offer a Guaranteed Analysis so you can see how large the game is. we have...
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