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July 22, 2022
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Antinomy, a unique 19th century Indie open world action-adventure video game bringing the "The Holy Land" to life!

Antinomy is a game set in a slightly fictionalized Middle Eastern country (resembling Jerusalem & surrounding areas) in the late 19th century, about people from different origins coming together to fight for the same cause - which is justice and prosperity. They have stood up against the tyranny of those who swore to protect them, against those who were left unpunished after committing disgraceful crimes against innocent people. The main character, Nathaniel, follows the pursuit of justice, until one day he finds out something that drastically changes his plans...

The message of the game is to promote the importance of underlying themes within the game such as family, friendship, justice and unity, and to show that despite the diversity of the characters' backgrounds, when they put aside their differences, they are able to live in prosperity.


  • ~20 square kilometres open world with a vast lethal desert and a variety of other unique areas
  • Most of the 800+ buildings in the world are enterable.
  • 34 main story missions, 35+ side quests
  • 25+ hours main storyline gameplay
  • A variety of 19th century weapons including muskets, flintlock pistols and a range of Middle Eastern melee weapons.
  • Trading, crafting and a dynamic world economy.
  • Political alignments, shifting alliances and diplomacy and conquest
  • RPG elements such as player skills and character customisation
  • Innovative combat system inspired by V.A.T.S. in Fallout series
  • A full body realistic injury system
  • Environment hazards like sandstorms
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Jul 22, 2022
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