Black Myth: Wukong - Story and Lore

That was interesting. It's probably not a day 1 buy for me because it's releasing in between other games that I'm already getting, but I'm definitely trying this at some point.
Oct 21, 2006
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So I was cautiously watching short clips of Kamen Rider. Some kind of National Japanese idiotic "movie" tradition in form of a truly endless series.
They have hilarious parts on YT. Looking at these and thinking about how the Japanese had very limited budgets. But the big surprise in these B C budget "movies" that they actually managed to create supremely fantastic soulful retro-music in certain cases!! I love angelic vocals.. they truly elevate the listening experience while conveying the soulful art of music.
For example, I discovered there is a female singer - with only a name written in Japanese characters maybe Yuu Souma for the General Gear opening song, but there are others - with an angelic voice.
So I found with surprise several male and female singers with beautiful voice and actually talented musicians for
1. Metal Hero Shudaika Sonyuka Daizenshu III
3. Dengeki Sentai Changeman
4. Tokuso Exceedraft
There is more:
1. Rayman 1 PS1
Some of these soundtracks are made with soul, thus listening to these fantastic creations helps to elevate my art. For a good musician of any age it didn't matter which style, which oldie instruments used, with their supreme talent they were able to create true music filled with soul!
Not every song in above soundtrack collections, since I have to carefully comb through their entire material to find the gems, but by God, its worth it!

A counter example is recent Pink Godzilla movie:
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire
This is a mixed bag, like so many soundtracks. Tom Holkenborg will never be able to create anything more than musical background noise.
But Antonio Di Iorio has soul, apparently, because some of the movie songs are actually worthy to get. Have soul and thus - listening to these while working - these songs are capable to elevate art, since these songs have "scintillating sparks of soul" instilled into them.
This is why people still go to opera. Sometimes they get lucky and catch a singer, who actually has soul.
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