CivCraft - City Life and Pre-Alpha


Cave Canem
August 30, 2006
The Civraft: Legends of Ellaria is bringing us a gameplay video, showing a tour around the city.

And there is this about the pre-alpha version:

As of now, we’re certain that the Pre-Alpha will be ready before Februar. In fact, the Pre-Alpha is very playable at the moment, but we’re still polishing the Save / Load, which is a must for any gameplay that takes more than a few minutes. The first version of the Pre-Alpha won’t include quests and multiple maps and a main story, but it won’t be an empty world either.

The main elements that we’ll include in the first version are:

  • City Life - As shown in the video, we’ll include the main AI engine for your citizen, as well as the ability to expand your city.
  • Expand your city - You’ll be able to build basic buildings and expand your city. Some of the buildings you saw in the gameplay video will not be included in the first version, but later versions will allow more buildings, props, road construction and much more.
  • Building interiors - You can enter into some of the houses you’ve built That cool spell - For those times when you don’t feel like building, we’ve added the destruction magic spell, as well as a testing area for your pleasure.
  • Day & Night cycle - We still have plenty of work on the weather and seasons, but we’ve added a day and night cycle
  • A few goblins here and there - When you go outside of the city, you’ll encounter goblins. They won’t challenge your skills at the moment, but they add some immersion to the map
  • A large map - Although somewhat empty, your map is very large.
And as usual, have a happy gaming and we’ll see you at the Pre-Alpha
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Aug 30, 2006
Is this an MMO or is it single player?

I was wondering the same thing and the only way I was able to find out is that the game is Greenlit on Steam and the info is there. It's single player, MMO, and Co-op.

I'm really interested in this (because God knows I need more games). I think it's being released for Alpha access this month.
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Sep 20, 2012
They are also adding multiplayer not the Mmo version though thank god
Oct 18, 2006
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