CivCraft - Funded and AMA Chat on Reddit


Cave Canem
August 30, 2006
An Ask me Anything chat will be hosted on Reddit this Sunday for CivCraft, the game that has just reached it's goal on Kickstarter.

As we're at the end of our campaign's start, we're very excited to see the steady stream of backers and people who like our concept.

In the meanwhile, we want to give you the opportunity to ask us any questions, so we're hosting an AMA chat (Ask Me Anything). You can ask us about us, CivCraft, game development... well, you can ask anything you'd like.

So see you at Sunday 10am (Pacific time), at (We will post the exact link when the AMA will start).
And about being funded:

We're Funded! Thank you for your pledge and support, we've reached our initial goal in four days!

The last four days have been a roller-coaster, as we didn't know what to expect. We can now announce that Siege Weapons and cavalry are unlocked and will be added to your Early Access.

Since you are the first comers, every one of our backers (who were with us when we reached the initial goal) will receive a unique living and talking magical sword to help you on your adventures in Ellaria!
And so, our next stretch goal is the espionage pack, as the espionage pack brings a true meaning to "Win the Battle Before It Has Begun". There will be times when you'll have to decide when to go to war, and when to eliminate your opponents before they have the chance to win you in battle. In the espionage pack, you will be able to recruit spies In your tavern and send them to spy on your opponents, as well as to assassinate dangerous opponents. The espionage pack will also introduce a new "Stealth Mechanism". This mechanism will allow your character go to stealth mode and sneak past guards, climb walls and infiltrate to dangerous areas. We will post an update about the espionage pack very soon
More information.
Aug 30, 2006
Outstanding and thanks for the extra item. Keep it up.
Oct 18, 2006
Erm... That goal wasn't really too hard to reach...
But I backed this project so congrats. :)
Apr 12, 2009
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