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I also commented on yesterdays post from PCGamer but I will reiterate and add some to this post... I only played the Level 20 server slam... I played a Poison Flurry Rogue. When I first got to level 20 on my opening build (nothing planned, just specced what I thought would be kool), I felt fairly challenged but very weak against the dungeon bosses; basically, I couldnt beat them without dying multiple times (the event bosses too were very hard)... I didnt understand why, I had some nice rares (I thought), and maybe a legendary, but then I remembered what a developer had said in one of the developer journal videos, and it guess it finally clicked; he said for melee, your entire damage output really depends on the damage score of your weapon... With this in mind, I decided to experiment, and replaced all my shiny RARES which added this stat and that stat, and this kool sounding thing and that kool sounding thing, and made me "think" I was mighty and powerful, and just started replacing them with level 20 blues that had a higher main stat (that being damage itself or armor itself). When I did this, my survivabily increased, and more importantly, so did my damage output... I then respecced into just the main skills, and none of the extra flavor stuff, and now of all a sudden, I WAS KING. The lesson here is, the developer was right, all that matters is the higher number for your armor or damage, and the points in your main skills that increase the actual damage numbers too; and all the other things, are just fluff (sad to say but it is true). Now if this is as intended, then fine, and if its not, then thats fine too, just as long as we know what the secret is... Now eventually, as I continued at my level 20 cap, and did more quests and farmed more areas, I got better RARES to replace all those "boring but good" blues, and well, the rest was gravy, because now I could confidently go do what ever I wanted. I also didnt even get to spec into my full lines, becuase as I mentioned, I fully dumped points into the actual skills I was using, so, didnt have enough skill points to get to all the other lines, or add flavor to those main skills, but hey, the end result was that I became NOTICIBLY MORE POWERFUL, and had fun doing it... So honestly, I cant wait for the release, and am quite excited.
Dec 24, 2018
Keep in mind that while doing a blanket pass on all your gear to replace it with blue items increasing your main stat only (ie, Dexterity for rogue) will be more beneficial than having random secondary stats, that is something that really only happens at early levels since most blue items only have one or two stats, and because rare/legendary items are very rare, it's preferable to just emphasize on stacking your main stat since that's what your character will get benefit most from - and that's all you get to see in a beta capped at level 20.

Once you get to higher levels, every piece of gear you want to use will be expected to have several stats, one of them being your main stat of choice and then a few secondary stats on top - and it's in juggling and stacking those secondary stats to synergize with your build and what will actually define your success.

Soon after level 20 you'll probably be finding that every piece of gear you use will have Dexterity as a baseline, and then it's the combination of secondary stats on top of the Dexterity that will actually help you succeed.
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Apr 26, 2023
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