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I need/want to change my priorities, to focus on other activities. This means stopping my activities at the Watch. In case you need the help of a moderator I advise you not to mention (= the automatic notification) or PM me anymore for I’m afraid it will be to no avail. Use the report ‘button’ next to any post if you see a violation of the TOS, or try a PM to Myrthos or Corwin for any other matter.
Sadly I can not give any indication about whether I’ll return to continue my present activities in the near future or whether my activities will be more limited.
I’d like to stress I am not leaving because of a conflict.

I don’t like saying goodbyes, if I had not been a moderator I think I would have rather just disappeared. :)

Nevertheless, I’d like to thank @Myrthos;, @Corwin;, @Arkadia7;, @sakichop;, @Capt. Huggy Face;, @Winterfart;, @joxer; and @Ripper;, for their kind words of support on the forums and/or via PM, guys, those words of yours were like small gifts.
Thanks to @screeg; for the nice avatar (Giant Eyeball) he gave me some years ago.
To those that have given me a :thumbsup: to show your appreciation of the things I said or did: thank you.

To all: enjoy the Watch, the discussions on the forums, and of course playing RPGs!
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