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Oct 18, 2006
COG has reviewed the deckbuilder Gordian Quest:

Gordian Quest Review

Gordian Quest is described as being inspired by classics like Dungeons and Dragons and Ultima. Like those games, it's quite easy to describe but much tougher to fully understand. Aside from the aforementioned inspirations, elements from other video games appear to have an influence as well. As a deckbuilding RPG, it's hard to avoid being influenced by other games. Especially when so many of your features have been done so well before.

Gordian Quest features a few different game modes: Campaign Mode, Realm Mode, Adventure Mode, and Skirmish Mode. Campaign Mode is what you might expect, a story-focused mode that spans four Acts. Realm Mode is more fast-paced - think of it as a rogue-lite mode. This rogue-lite homage features both a Quick Run and an Endless Run variant. Adventure Mode is an end-game mode focused on procedurally generated content and solo challenges. Lastly, Skirmish Mode is a competitive 1 v 1 mode.


Overall, Gordian Quest does a great job in implementing various gameplay elements and making them work together. While the Campaign Mode could have featured a better narrative and variety of activities, it still serves as a good entry point in the game as a long tutorial of sorts. From there, the game features a lot of replayability due to the number of classes and skills. As a deckbuilding RPG, Gordian Quest does a great job with the deckbuilding portion and is worth a look for fans of the genre.

Score: 80/100

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