Jinx: Womb of Cosmos


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July 22, 2022
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An amalgam of the 8/16 bit era of story-driven exploration and strategic combat of turn-based rpgs like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, and others, but designed around a modern graphic style and audio performance, design conveniences, familiar gameplay and, of course, an abundance of nostalgic references.


  • A unique trio of heroes
    A masked, mute Elementalist, a vegetarian bulldog with an obsession for poetry and a beastwoman bodyguard on her path to atonement.
  • Compelling story line
    There is no prophecy, there are no written destinies, you don't need to save the world. You are as important as your actions suggest.
  • 200+ Spells & Abilities
    Customize your heroes as you see fit by choosing from a plethora of abilities spanning over 13 different ability groups plus numerous unique weapon powers.
  • Challenging turn-based combat
    Never underestimate your enemies; even apparently trivial opponents can prove deadly.
  • Personalized armaments and a variety of modifiable equipment
    Why would you let go of your ancestral weapon to get a +1 one? There are many more techniques to unlock as you master it's use and unlock its powers. Of course, there are always trinkets to find that will adore that ancestral mace, or trophies to collect from those hard-won victories, and there are always ways to fiddle with those rewards to make them better.
  • World exploration & treasure hunting
    Explore beautiful locations and discover those obvious or hidden details that will bring you one step closer to self-awareness and perfection.
  • Dungeon delving
    Not all of your travels will be above ground, and those that lead you underground may prove the most perilous. The dungeons of Amelor, whether known or hidden, feature obvious and hidden routes, devious traps of all kinds and, of course, denizens that may take offense at your trespassing.
  • Journal and questing
    Your journal is your most valuable ally; you may never forget your epic deeds, but someone needs to keep notes about those everyday events you may need to recall down the path. Get off that path frequently, by the way; there are many opportunities to find people in need of aid, rare beasts in need of handling, and unique rewards waiting to be claimed.
  • Multiple ways to build your power
    Acquire combat experience from challenging battles to perfect your fighting technique, gather lore from exploring locales, talk to wise men, study tomes of knowledge, or take the risk to observe a wild beast while it's trying to chew on your friends... every action taken, every bit of knowledge gathered, every mystery uncovered, every secret discovered, prepares you better for what comes ahead.
  • Your Own Castle
    Delve in Castle Sin, a gloomy, almost abandoned stronghold that you will need to restore and use efficiently in order to survive the harsh environments and harsher circumstances. Restock your supplies, improve your equipment, indulge yourselves in not-so-meaningless chit-chat with your undead servants and your homunculus butler, or just marvel at your progress and the trophies you have gathered.

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Jul 22, 2022
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