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October 18, 2006
Version introduces a new loot system to the strategy RPG Legends of Ellaria:

Version - The Loot system

Hello everyone,

We just released a new version which contains new features and tweaks. The most notable addition is the looting system; most enemies (and friends) will drop some useful items when killed. We'll also include more loot, items and add looting to all the creatures in Ellaria in the next updates.

In addition, we solved some gameplay glitches as we're preparing Legends of Ellaria for the next step. The next update will include gameplay options, as well as a map system.

Version features by request

  • You can take items from fallen humanoids
  • Golem is more challenging and has a special move
  • Added a torch. You can equip it to light dark places
  • Added chests to houses and to the main hall (in new saves)
  • Re balanced melee weapon ranges
Bug Fixes

  • Your character is no longer wet indoor when it's raining outside
  • Fixed player moves without pressing a move button
  • Fixed an issue when switching between bow and a spell
  • Fixed Kill the Raiders and RiverSide Quests
  • Fixed several issues with dungeons
  • Fixed Cave crawler not being hit
  • Fixed civilian animation bugs
  • Fixed followers animation bugs
More information.
Oct 18, 2006
I'm a backer and I received early access key already, but am not touchin' it yet.
It's as buggy as Skyrim.

The developer promised they'll concentrate on fixing these most important things next, if possible they'll patch them tomorrow:
- Save and Load currently may have some issues with spells and buildings
- Portals don't work well
- Some dungeons doors wont lead you to the desired location
Apr 12, 2009
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