Neverwinter Nights: EE - Stable Patch 81.8193.15


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October 18, 2006
Lucky Day spotted the new patch for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition:

Stable Patch 81.8193.15

Greetings, friends!

Today we release Patch 8193.15 for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition!

This update is big -- the biggest the game has seen since its original release in 2018. We're introducing a new lighting engine to enhance the graphics, dozens of toolset updates, plus plenty more features and fixes. Read on for all the details!

As always, this patch is network-compatible within the current major version (8193), including the old stable release .13; so you can play on servers with it that have not yet upgraded (though the majority of the new features will not work). To get the full experience, you will have to update both server and clients to this release. Singleplayer modules made with this new patch 1.81 cannot be played on older versions, however.

New Lighting Engine
This patch includes a new enhanced lighting engine, that is governed by the same principles as you would see in other modern games that aim for realistic lighting. The aim is both to allow much higher quality future content, but also to enhance the visual quality of existing content.

These are the main elements of this new lighting engine:

  • Physically based rendering (PBR), with emulation of specular reflection, surface "roughness", Fresnel-effects and gamma correction. All in all, this gives a more realistic and "natural" look.
  • Tone mapping that prevents color distortion of bright lights and enables overbright.
  • Per-pixel lighting rather than per-vertex of the old setup, yielding much more precise light illumination levels relative to distance.
  • Full dynamic lighting, supporting up to 32 dynamic lights (previously NWN effectively only supported 6).
More information.
Oct 18, 2006
A fugly game, now beautifully rendered. How about that? What it really needs are all new models and tilesets.
Mar 22, 2012
They just added new renders. Similar to Reshade nothing revolutionary.:)
Oct 1, 2010
Oct 1, 2010
The last update had a slider comparison of the old version vs the new render.

Link -

You can't deny it's a much needed upgrade over the original render.:nod:

The metal textures like armour look much better. There is also a big improvement in the water - the way the light reflects on it is a really nice addition. Its good to see these changes and I'm looking forward to firing up a new game (with one of those Dragonlance mods I think!).

My only reservation is that some of the underground pictures look a bit dark, like they've had the colour sucked out of them a bit. Look at the very first picture - the effect on the armour is great, but the background walls etc don't look as good imo. Its hard to say without having seen in practice though I guess.
Apr 13, 2012
Clippy tells me it's patch 1.81

I'm not sure I understand what they decided to do with the network protocol. Does this means new mods can't be loaded in the standalone server?

There are reports of crashing on startup - but there's a belief that this will go away as mods get upgraded. This has been known to be caused by files in the override folder and the workshop on patches.


Regarding walls, I believe the upgrade also includes reflected light. Light no longer just comes from the light source directly.


Buried in the huge number of notes is transforming VFX. I've used it to create a Hat and Mask system. Probably I'll add pipes, cigars, glasses and beards in the future too. It just takes one model and you adjust it. Heck - I could probably do gloves too. I did a belt but that looked terrible in the animation.


This really is the biggest patch seen. The TNO tileset was added! There's two new sets of loadscreens too.

Here's a summary of what this patch has

New Lighting Engine
New Water Rendering
Grass Rendering
Models spawned by visual effects now have fog properly applied
Content import from Ossian premium modules
This patch includes all content from Darkness over Daggerford and Tyrants of the Moonsea.

Tileset facelifts for the Forest and Rural Winter tileset, crafted by Zwerkules
Medieval City, Medieval Rural, and Mountain Snow sets, also by Zwerkules
Lizardfolk Interior microset
Seaships microset
Additions to several tilesets:
Several new docking ships groups, and a thatched-roof building, in Castle Exterior, Rural
New doorway tiles for Crypts and City Interior
476 assorted placeables
13 creature models
3 shields, the Wand of Orcus, and a brass candlestick 'torch'
A complete "time of day" skybox texture set for the “Icy, Clear sky” skybox
42 ambient Music tracks
54 load screens
25 assorted ambient sounds
5 sound sets (for specific new creatures)
Palettes and blueprints for all imported Ossian content: Items, Creatures, and Placeables
Player Dungeon Master Mode
--You can now login as a DM in game, then logout as a player in game
Pathfinding improvements
Conversation script parameters
Scripted access to SQLite databases
Scripted mouse targeting mode
New script actions related to item property usage
Override hilite colour on objects
Custom mouse cursors
ProgFX have been unhardcoded
Texture replacements
--You can now replace individual textures on objects at runtime.
Walk animations have been unhardcoded
Weather Types Unhardcoded
Scripted wind management
Visual effects can now use PLT textures
Visual effects can now be scaled, rotated, and translated
Modules and HAKs can now contain more than 16k items
New Configuration UI
Debug UI has been revamped, including a new NWScript evaluation helper
Local variable access has been sped up significantly
Art Changes
Miscellaneous Script Commands
// Convert sHex, a string containing a hexadecimal object id,
// into a object reference. Counterpart to ObjectToString().
object StringToObject(string sHex);
Miscellaneous Improvements
Toolset Fixes and additions
Campaign Fixes

I'll post some of the cool screenshots of the new highlighting system.

There's also been quit a bit of talk/push for a nui, Neverwinter UI aka Niv UI system where you can build your own UI system.

The ideas came out of PostString which spawned the DM login and even the in game scripting system - not mentioned in the patch notes.
Oct 19, 2006
The Uncanny Valley
.16 was just pushed as an official stable release

it's basically a hotfix

Stable Patch 81.8193.16

This is a hotfix patch to 8193.15, which we released yesterday.

The changes in this patch are clientside only. You do not need to upgrade your dedicated server if it is already on .15 for full feature support.


Fixed the game not starting when a language override was selected
The music tracks added in the DOD/TOTM content release now show up properly in the toolset (instead of "Bad Strref")
The game no longer tries to read the N: drive when trying to load a non-existent supermodel
nwscript.nss: Fixed error in description of StringToObject

Known Issues

This is a (incomplete) list of known issues on this build. Items on this list do not need to be reported!

Ability score bonuses from levelstat (class progression) do not contribute toward feat requirements when the score increase is received on the same levelup.
Non-functional anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering settings have been removed pending a potential future reimplementation. We suggest you use the driver control panel to force it meanwhile, if so desired.
UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) does not observe ui scaling
UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) is not skinned as beautiful as can be
UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) does not close with the Esc key
UI: Nuklear-based UI (NWSync, Configuration) is only partially translated or labels are less descriptive than they could be
Water renderer does not use the area environment map, resulting in unseemly seams
VM: DestroyArea() sometimes erroneously removes the wrong minimap data on clients, resulting in black/unexplored areas.
Hosting a module from within the DM client does not update/show the creator palettes correctly
Items dropped on the ground appear to be floating slightly. This is a clientside rendering issue and does not require server/module adjustments by you!
Items dropped on tables fall through (mesh hit check). This is also clientside only and does not require you to fix things in the module/in scripting!
There is a memleak on the main menu. It does not manifest in game.
Oct 19, 2006
The Uncanny Valley
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