RPG Codex - 2007 in Review

Nice article and glad they still kick and punch all the pressure points of fallblivion *the st peter hines story*.
Oct 18, 2006
Hi there. Thanks for the mention, Lucky Day and Dhruin :)

Sorry for the delay in response, was away from a net connection over the holidays.

Yep, I'm developing Scars of War. And I agree with Dhruin, let me get my website up and running before you post an article so that readers have a place to reference. Maximize the impact and all that. ;) Hopefully it won't be too long.

But I hang around here and the Codex, so if anyone wants to drop me a line feel free :) I also post updates on the Codex and GarageGames (the second case tends to be more the technical, fugly side of development).
Dec 6, 2007
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