Steam Sales Estimates some RPGS of 2014


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Nov 20, 2006
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Ars Technica used data available publicly through steam's API to estimate sales, ownership, and playtime for the 400 most popular games on steam for 2014. They did this for 2013 previously and it was pretty interesting.

Some interesting tidbits (these are games released in 2014, numbers are estimated Steam owners and obviously does not include sales on GoG or other distribution systems)

Divinity: Original Sin ~ 802,315

Dark Souls II ~ 964,266

South Park: The Stick of Truth ~ 929,442

Wasteland 2 ~ 384,760

Banner Saga ~ 343,511

Final Fantasy XIII ~ 327,959

Shadowrun Dragonfall Director's edition ~ 313,082

To put this in some perspective, they also found there to be roughly 3 million new Skyrim owners on Steam since 4/14/2014. The good news there is that if you think Bethesda likes money, then they might not be at all disingenuous when they said they were putting an increased focus on the PC going forward as they're still raking in cash and at this very late point it probably is not insignificantly because of mods.

For the curious, the previous year's article:
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