Tenebris: Terra Incognita - Release: September 30


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October 18, 2006
The tactical RPG Tenebris: Terra Incognita will be released on September 30:

Release date and progress report

Friends, we have finally decided on the exact date of the game's early access release.
It is September 30, 2024, and there will be no more postponements!
It took us longer than we originally planned to add a lot of improvements and innovations to the game.

It's been a few months and we want to share an update on the game's development.

  • New demo this summer
  • Work continues on high level third rank heroes
  • Expanded on ship bays upgrade system
  • New weapons and equipment are introduced
  • Implemented game mechanics - wave attack
  • Support drones
  • New special effects have been implemented
  • Questionnaire
New demo this summer
This summer we will offer you to play the new demo version of the game, so you can evaluate for yourself the work we have done and the improvements we have implemented in the game.

In the demo you will be able to see:

  • Improved character animation
  • New Combat Effects
  • Completely redesigned talent trees
  • New skill description and hint system
  • Improved loot system
  • New types of weapons and armor
  • Ship Bay upgrade system
In addition, the demo will be wider, and you will be able to advance your heroes to level 10 if you wish.

Thanks Couchpotato!

More information.
Oct 18, 2006
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