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Oct 18, 2006
Worthplaying has reviewed Weird West:

Weird West is an action RPG experience set within a surreal vision of the developing frontier.

The Wild West remains a popular setting for games, mostly because there aren't enough of them to reach critical mass. It is also a setting that seems fitting to mix with the supernatural, as evidenced by games like Darkwatch, Hard West, West of Dead, and Hunt: Showdown. Weird West is another offering that slots itself into the category of supernatural Wild West game, and while it has the right ideas, the execution is less than stellar.

The story tells the tale of five different protagonists, each with their own motivations. An Oneriest can see the future and seeks to stop future events. A bounty hunter tries to save her husband from cannibals and avenge her murdered son. A werewolf seeks to grow his kind. A native protector is on the hunt for an evil spirit. A pigman tries to find a cure for his cursed fate. The only thing tying them together is a mark and the mystery of why they were chosen in the first place.


Weird West is a game that players can grow to love, provided you can forgive some of its issues and design decisions. The idea of going through five different protagonists with somewhat connected stories is fascinating, but the resetting of items and skills when changing characters doesn't contribute to the desire to explore. The lands don't vary much given the setting, but the changes based on your actions are fun to see. The combat is fine, but the enemy behavior can sometimes be laughable, while the presentation teeters between amazing and average. It's worth checking out if you're prepared to invest some time waiting for its magic to hit.

Score: 7.5/10
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