When did you discover you loved RPGs?

When did you discover you loved RPGs?

  • 1985 and before

    Votes: 31 25.6%
  • 1986-1990

    Votes: 29 24.0%
  • 1991-1995

    Votes: 23 19.0%
  • 1996-2000

    Votes: 23 19.0%
  • 2001-2005

    Votes: 12 9.9%
  • 2006-2010

    Votes: 1 0.8%
  • 2011-2016

    Votes: 2 1.7%

  • Total voters
I normally assume that I'm around people younger than me when I'm on gaming websites (stereotyping gamers even though I'm one myself!) so it was funny to gradually realize here that most of the regulars are my age or older.
Jan 30, 2012
San Francisco
First CRPG was Wizardry. That was around 1982 on an Apple 2.

Same ... but here's the thing: in the poll I put 2001-2005.

- I played Wizardry and Ultima on my Apple ][+ but was more a fan of Castle Wolfenstein and a few others. Wizardry reminded me of D&D, which I was a player with some friends (pretty light occasional play, I wasn't hardcore). I never followed up with any of the other early games.
- I dug *heavy* into FPS in the 90s, with some fantasy settings included (Helen, Heretic) but no real RPG.
- Wife bought me Diablo when it came out, and I played that a decent amount ... but it never went anywhere, never bought any other games.

It wasn't until I was preparing for KotOR in 2003 that I was advised to check out NWN that I fell head over heels into the genre - NWN, then the expansions, KotOR, Gothic 2, Balder's Gate 2, then on and on and on and on ... summer of 2003, because I was a Star Wars geek who wanted to play KotOR - RPG very quickly became my genre of choice. And it remains that way 13 years later.
Oct 18, 2006
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