ZpellCatz - Announced for June 5


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October 18, 2006
The Hack'n'Slash RPG ZpellCatz will be released on June 5:


Magic Combat Only

No swords, no daggers, no bows. Every hero and every enemy is a spell caster type. Ready for something new?

Class and Path
Combine a hero class with a path to create a cat hero that suits your play style. Do you like being in the middle of the action as a tank? Choose an Archdruid. Do you prefer using area of effect spells to defeat enemies from a distance? Dark Mage might be right up your alley.

Dungeons Full of Loot
Fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons and collect hundreds of items. There are normal, special and rare quality items with randomized affixes and over 150 different epic items waiting to be found.

Dark Campaign
Play through a dark campaign as your follow the main story line. Want to take the time to finish optional quests? The villagers are generous with their worthwhile quest rewards.

The Intermediate Realm
Campaign finished, what now? The Intermediate Realm is a place full of challenge, rewards and secrets. Enjoy dozens of hours of late game dungeon grind with more and more loot.

Cat and the Bat
Select a bat Familiar to accompany your cat hero on their adventures. Plug in a gamepad for local multiplayer or have the Familiar be CPU controlled if you prefer to play alone.

Clear Aesthetics
The minimalist art style helps to understand what is going on in combat. You won't lose track, even when things get heated and dozens of magical orbs fly across the screen.

Up for a Challenge?
For those of us looking for a challenge, ZpellCatz offers a variety of options. When creating your cat hero you can choose the 'Challenging' difficulty and / or pick one of the perma-death modes 'Hardcore' or 'Cat-core' (7 lives). Your hero has the strongest items possible and you don't know what else to do? There are Uber Bosses waiting for you in the Intermediate Realm... Good luck!

Guitar Soundtrack
What's more fun than dungeon crawling? Dungeon crawling while listening to a lovingly composed guitar soundtrack!
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Oct 18, 2006
One of my main toons in DDO is called Dhedkhat!! :)
Aug 31, 2006
That might be the worst name for a game that I have ever seen, and I remember Popful Mail.
I just read the title of a zombie board game : "Zilence" ...
Nov 5, 2006
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