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We take great pleasure in running this site and maintaining it for you, our visitors. We have done so from the start in 2006 and will continue to do so this year and the years following.

However, maintaining a site costs money and we do not want to use a large amount of ads to cover the expenses, so the more of our expenses we can cover with donations, the less ads we have to show to cover the ongoing costs.

Making a Donation - RPGWatch Forum Members

Registered members of our forums can make a donation via our forum's account upgrade system. Donating this way attributes various perks to your forum account as a small token of our gratitude for supporting us. It also enables you to view RPGWatch without any ads on the site and forum pages while logged in.

All the registered members of the RPGWatch forums who have recently donated or otherwise supported the site appear listed in the Notable members section of the forums.

If you are not yet a member of our forums, we'd love to have you join our community!

Making a Donation Anonymously

If you do not intend to become a member of our community forums, or purposefully wish to remain anonymous with your donation and receive no public recognition or perks on RPGWatch in return for your contribution and no ad-free access, please donate anonymously on our Ko-fi page.

When donating on Ko-fi, you have the option to enter your name or nickname and a public or private message.

By not entering your name or nickname alongside your donation, it will be completely anonymous.

If you do enter a name or nickname when you donate, your donation will appear on RPGWatch's Ko-fi page in the activity feed only, in the form of "UserX gave support!".

Optionally, you can also leave a message with your donation. If you tick the "private message" box, only the owner of RPGWatch will see it. Alternatively, by making your message public, it will appear in the activity feed on our Ko-fi page for others to see as well.

Thank you for your generous donations!