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Low Magic Studios

We are Low Magic Studios

We are a group of happy SLG game enthusiasts, and also big fans of various pen-n-paper role playing game rules.

The Temple of Elemental Evil, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Night, Icewind Dale, Knights of the Chalice, Heroes of Might and Magic, The Battle for Wesnoth, Fire Emblem and Sangokushi Sousouden, these classic games are always in our favorite games list.

Besides computer games, we are keen to read and study all sorts of game rules, especially TRPG game rules that known as the originator of all the fantasy RPG games. Reading rules, making characters, and playing with friends, we use our creativity and imagination to make up limitations of computer games.

After years of accumulating and depositing, we finally have ample knowledge, resources, and development experience. Now we have passion and the ability to make our dream game!

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Low Magic Studios

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