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Consortium - Kickstarter V2

by Myrthos, 2013-03-20 12:31:43

A new Kickstarter for the first person RPG shooter Consortium has been launched again.

CONSORTIUM is a first-person story and character-based role-playing shooter set in an interactive world defined by your choices.

Rather than endlessly exploring a huge, expansive and ultimately static world, you’ll find yourself within a dynamic, bustling, interactive and alive micro-environment: the Consortium Command Vessel, C-3800-D "ZENLIL."
The crew of Zenlil live their lives and do their jobs throughout the ship, reacting to your presence and actions where appropriate.  Freely walk among them and speak to everyone you encounter, experience what it’s like to be a part of something much bigger and brighter than anything you could imagine – and then choose to help ensure it stays that way or work to tear it apart!

CONSORTIUM is a role-playing game in which you are able to role-play as yourself.  You are you (as in you can speak as yourself, a man/woman from "our world") and you're being given the opportunity to physically control a man from a parallel world.  This man is first day Consortium field agent Bishop Six, operative for a powerful peacekeeping force in a not-quite-utopia future of 2042.

How you choose to speak for, interpret and play this role is entirely up to you!  Do you choose to role-play the Bishop and be what the Consortium want you to be?  Or do you choose to forge your own path simply using his body and voice as your vessel for communicating with and exploring their world?

You have total control over the Bishop's inventory, medical state, and the state of all his weapons, armor and equipment.  You can also customize his Battle Utility Suit with hard-point devices such as personal deflector shields and shock absorbers. 

You must also manage and balance the Bishop's Utility Energy, with which he can power everything from medical nanites to energy weapons... as well as Storage Energy, which represents stored items such as armor, weapons and ammunition.

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