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Dark Souls III - Why is it being made?

by Myrthos, 2015-09-04 12:22:15

GamesRadar ask themselves the question why Dark Souls 3 is being made. In their opinion the series felt completed with the second installation of it, so they wonder what Dark Souls 3 brings to the table. While playing a two hour session of the game, the author tries to find the answer to that.

I begin to understand the direction Dark Souls 3 is going in as soon as I push the stick forward. I experience a speed and fluidity of movement that all of my experience tells me the mid-weight character I'm using just should not have. It's a revelation compounded when I make my first evasive roll, the movement manifesting not as the expected metallic tumble, but launching with immediate momentum, horizontality taking priority over gravity for the first time in any situation involving moderately hefty armour.

Thanks Eye.

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