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Dark Souls III - Release Date & Bloodborne Inspiration

by Myrthos, 2015-09-15 12:34:12

The release date for Dark Souls 3 has been set to March 24, 2016. That is, if you live in Japan and have a Xbox One or PS4. No dates have been announced for the PC version or any other location besides Japan.

In addition GamesRadar have an article about how the limitations of Bloodborne inspired the new Dark Souls game.

"Because of the character of Bloodborne’s gameplay, its battle style, as well as the role-playing elements, it’s limited compared to the Dark Souls franchise," he explains. "It doesn’t necessarily mean Bloodborne was bad. However, while working on [it] I realised, I want to [create] something which has a wide range of battle styles, or features magic, or those things which allow players to wear awesome armour. Those elements are what actually made me come [back] to the Dark Souls franchise." We can't wait, even if does mean we'll eventually be crushed by another monstrous Miyazaki menagerie.

The entire article is in their GamesMaster magazine, which can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android apparently.

Thanks Eye.

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