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Dark Souls III - Is the Magic Fading?

by Myrthos, 2015-10-30 23:17:45

Gamespot asks the question if the magic of Dark Souls 3 is fading in this article from last week, based on the stress test. The reason they ask the question is that based on the stress test they felt like it was more of the same, which isn't perse bad.

The biggest change to gameplay is the introduction of Weapon Arts, a unique special move for the game's arsenal of arms. Three games in, the way a broadsword, axe, or rapier works has become second nature, but Weapon Arts add a new wrinkle. While one weapon may have a heaving upward swing that launches enemies into the air, another may activate a powered-up state for a short period. This gives players a reason to experiment with different weapons again, instead of sticking to those they’ve become attached to. Better still, it provides a reason to carry a second weapon beyond serving as a fallback for your main one if it breaks. Since all this is governed by a new energy bar, there’s also a layer of strategy to micromanage Weapon Arts.

Despite all this, it’s still hitting the the same beats that a Dark Souls game should. It’s challenging, hides enemies off camera to spring an ambush, while bosses are towering monsters, and environmental traps punish the foolhardy. It’s still satisfying, but feels rote. Seasoned players have peeked behind the curtain multiple times, so it’s easy to predict what’s coming. That convenient alcove in the camera’s blind-spot that’s just big enough to hide an enemy isn’t fooling anyone.

Thanks Eye.

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