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Wasteland 3 - Review @ Kordanor's Gaming Lair

by Hiddenx, 2020-11-20 11:33:22

Our fellow Watcher Kordanor reviewed Wasteland 3 at his Gaming Lair:

Wasteland 3 - Review / Conclusion [EN] by Kordanor


Wasteland 3 offers quite an interesting, and -for the most part- well made story with a lot of choices and consequences. And this is all happening in a very atmospheric environment, as long as you can look past the humor and also the zoo which you carry around with you; and if you are ok with quite some criticism aimed at religion. The character system is working quite well this time, which is a big improvement over the predecessor. However there is still a problem regarding how well you can plan ahead, and the push towards custom created characters in general isn't great either.
The combat would have really profited from some more polish, even when it's already working better than it did in Wasteland 2.
And with that Wasteland 3 surpasses Wasteland 2 in terms of mechanics and production values, but in total it's still somewhat away from being a perfect game.
While this is a really close one, my rating for Wasteland 3 is a reluctant but still full thumbs up.
I think it's a worthy next part of the Wasteland series and I can recommend it to most fans of RPGs.
That is as long as you aren't totally opposed to what I mentioned regarding the story and setting, you don't focus too much on the combat aspects and it also does help if you prefer creating custom characters over taking story-characters anyways.
And of course you would also need to either have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes this game, or 60 Euros or Dollars for the full price on Steam. So it might be a good idea to wait for a sale here. 

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