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RPGWatch - The End is Nigh

by Myrthos, 2022-05-06 20:57:20

For the last few years I've been thinking about what I want to do with RPGWatch. The reason for this is that I have lost all stamina with respect to RPGWatch. I found and find no enjoyment in the things I do here anymore and I find it a chore to continue doing them, so I end up not doing them anymore or only partially.

The interests I have in this phase of my life, simply do not match with what RPGWatch is anymore and I like to do other things that bring me more joy and fulfilment. RPGWatch has changed over the years, but so have I.

As mentioned, this is something I am feeling for quite some time and there isn't a particular reason why I am telling you my decision now and not in a couple of months or a year, besides that I think it is about time to let you know this and not drag this on much longer.

I have decided to stop RPGWatch. The option to fund RPGwatch via Paypal has already stopped and the funding we still have is sufficient to make us go on until the end of July, which would then also be the end date.

I've started with RPGDot in 2000 and created, together with the RPGDot team, RPGWatch in 2006. I have many fond memories of those 22 years. Also a couple of bad ones, but lets not dwell on those. Once RPGWatch is gone, I'm sure there will be days in the future where I will not only miss RPGWatch, but will miss especially the RPGWatch team and the people I like and liked to interact with on our forums.

Eventhough my feelings about RPGWatch are no longer the same, I am proud of everything we did and have accomplished in the past years and I really want to thank all of you for being with us.

I'm sorry for bringing this bad news to you.

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