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Fallout 3 - Preview Overload

by Dhruin, 2008-04-10 23:06:06

It's a Fallout 3 preview wipeout with at least 10 sites kicking up previews based on Pete Hines' latest tour.  Since the Bethblog has assembled a list, let's rip that and take a couple of sample quotes:

From Destructoid, we learn that Peter Molyneux's Fable 2 has already been superceded:

In proper following of the previous Fallout games, your character will eventually come across the ultimate bad ass doggy companion, Dogmeat. His owner destroyed by some means of carnage or another, you approach a wandering Dogmeat in an elaborate junkyard and engage in conversation to eventually convince him to tag along. Naturally, his responses are limited to friendly woofs and barks, but with enough persuasion, Dogmeat determines to aid you in your journey in search of your father across the post-apocalyptic landscape. This companionship proves to be highly beneficial, as you can request Dogmeat to search the surrounding area for helpful items such as weapons, food, and drugs. Diligent dog that he is, Dogmeat will search your surrounding area for up to an hour to scour every inch of land for items you could use. However, mistreatment of Dogmeat and assigning him to dangerous tasks could result in the loss of a faithful friend forever, so it's wise to be cautious when sending him off to dutifully fulfill your requests.

...and from IGN (written by ex-GameSpotter Jason Ocampo) on combat:

Our third stop on this Fallout 3 tour was to see the combat system in action. Fallout 3 is a shooter in the sense that you do need to point weapons at enemies and blast them away. It's not a pure shooter that relies strictly on reflex and hand-eye coordination, though, as role-playing statistics play a significant role. For instance, if you don't have a high "big guns" skill and you try and use a chain gun, you'll notice that its aim drifts quite a bit when firing it. Or if you have a weapon that is in a low state of condition, it may jam or you may have trouble reloading it quickly.

Thanks also to Sammy for a similar submission.

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