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Sacred 2 - Copy Protection Revealed [Update]

by Gorath, 2008-09-11 11:31:06

Ascaron sent out a German PR with details about the CP & DRM solution for their upcoming action-RPG Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel. A FAQ explains further details. They have chosen SecuROM, but their implementation is clearly more customer friendly than the one a certain publishing giant used on a couple of recent games. Details:

Edit: Ascaron has contacted us with the information that the contents of this newsbit did not reflect the truth completely and asked us to change it, so this should now reflect the correct information. The text in bold show the changes:

  • 1 box, 1 license
  • The license can be used online to play on our servers at no charge for the license owner
  • You can install Sacred2 on a 1000 PC´s but playing at the same time = 2x. This can be your Desktop and your notebook.
  • 2 can be played via LAN with one license
  • 2 can play SP
  • Unlimited installations, 2 activations parallel. Activations can be revoked through multiple channels (online-auto, online tools, offline). Revoke & re-activate can be done an unlimited number of times but limited per day to avoid abuse. It has to be a fair trade.
  • One PC component can be replaced without problems. Beyond that revoke & re-activate is the recommended procedure.
  • Putting up the internet a Serial code to abuse the key ad revoke tool will not work.
  • There will be a worldwide email hotline for DRM issues due to failed hardware, etc. The manual page with the key serves as proof of purchase.
  • The service at Securom will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.
  • Ascaron hotline during biz hours for standard phone rates. (Germany only)
  • Internet connection is needed during installation. The FAQ explains you can use a friend's PC for manual activation though.
  • You can play without the DVD. It´s not needed in the drive.
  • No private data will be transfered during the activation process. You cannot even enter critical data.
  • The activation servers will be available for the next couple of years. Should this no longer be the case, the DRM will be patched out.
  • The whole activation process takes less than 10 seconds and runs in the background after typing in the serial code.
  • Sacred2 license is transferable. The EULA doesnt say no to it because its the right to sell what you bought before.

Edit: Maybe it was not clear enough. The DRM stuff is only confirmed for Germany yet. The activation server page is available in 6 languages though ...

Edit2: A little bit of finetuning to intro and list. Especially to the last bullet point.

Edit3: That last bullet point is removed and replaced. Info updated in bold with updates from Ascaron.

Edit4: I removed the comment after the list. Ascaron clarified what I considered to be an issue. The basis for my criticism is therefore gone.

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